C-TPAT Compliance Services
C-TPAT Compliance Services  

C-TPAT Services for Busy People

CTPAT411 was created for busy executives like you. Designed to update the process of C-TPAT certification and maintenance and shove it into the modern world of international trade. Our goal is to offer practical solutions that make sense for your company, are easy to use - and are affordable! 


We designed our services around the following key principles:


  1. Keep it simple - so all parties know what they have to do and why they have to do it
  2. Keep it practical - so that required procedures make sense and are integrated into daily operations 
  3. Standardize it - this is the key to simplicity, flexibility and usefulness
  4. Make it inexpensive - maximize the use of our online system and minimize consulting time
  5. ROI - Help clients enjoy a Return On Investment with our global AEO affiliates


We offer the following services

  • CTPAT application & certification services
  • Annual review
  • Validation services
  • 5-Step Risk Assessment
  • Business partner screening and related services
  • Online training and testing
  • Extensive library of forms and templates (Members only)
  • Help Desk (Members only)
5 Step Risk Assessment: Online and Under Budget Click for more info

Risk Assessment

CTPAT requires a risk assessment of your key supply chains on a yearly basis. Yet we have found that this is the most problematic requirement of all and the one that causes the most anxiety. Our method is the easiest and most practical system available in the market. We combine online assessments with personal and professional review to walk through this requirement step by step.

5 Step Risk Assessment: Online and Under Budget Click for more info

Online Business Partner Screening

Perhaps the most difficult task of all supply chain security programs is the requiremnt to screen all business partners and service providers throughout the supply chain. This is a time consuming, manual process that is inefficient and yields poor results.


CTPAT411 provides the only online documentary level screening tool in the world that provides standardized self assessment questionnaires and a centralized database of pre-screened supply chain service providers. All designed to meet requirements of CTPAT, BASC and AEO. 

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Online Training

This is an effective way to meet your CTPAT employee training requirements without disrupting the operations. Your employees can simply sign in to the 411 training center and take the training at their own convenience. Tests are automatically graded and a certificate can be download and printed immediately. CTPAT411 will create and maintain employee training logs which are required for certification and can be uploaded to the CTPAT portal. (Training Log service available to members only).

5 Step Risk Assessment: Online and Under Budget Click for more info

Help Desk

(Members Only)


Combination of onlne and personal review. All information is reviewed by our staff to ensure compliance and customized program.

5 Step Risk Assessment: Online and Under Budget Click for more info

Reference Library

(Members Only)


We have an extensive library of forms, templates and memos that are ready to use or be revised to meet your specific needs: Employee checklists, Document Checklists, Procedures Memos and many more. We also have a large number of informational and reference documents pertaining to CTPAT and AEO from around the world .

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Global AEO Exchange Listing

(Members Only)


Members will be listed in the GoAEO exchange. This is the only directory in the world for certified and compliant business partners. GoAEO will help you to promote your secure services to the global secure supply chain.

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